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  • Drop in Instagram followers? It’s a good thing. Really

    People are reporting some fairly significant drops in their Instagram followers over the last few weeks. Stop freaking out. It’s not just you, it’s across the board. I used the popular statistics program to check my own stats and here are the results. I gained 131 followers in the last 7 days and lost 111. Not so bad. Screenshot 2014-12-18 13.47.27 Are people upset?  Sure. Brands are upset and people who care about numbers over engagement are upset. Mase is really upset, he lost 1.5 million followers! In fact he got so upset he deleted his  account. Lots of people are worried that they’re suddenly boring and un-popular. That’s not it. (more…)
  • Buffer’s New Scheduler Tool

    Buffer SchedulingAs if Buffer wasn’t already an incredibly awesome tool in our social media management arsenal, it just made itself even more essential. Now when you open the Buffer app in your browser you’ll see two tabs at the top of the page. “Simple Composer” and “New Scheduler”. Simple Composer is the old version you’ve already been used to, you can quickly add a post to your buffer queue and it will go off at it’s scheduled time with the same text to any accounts you choose. The New Scheduler tab  allows you to share and re-share particular posts across your social networks at a time of your choosing. New Scheduler is going to be a game-changer. As you can see from the screenshot above, for each post I can choose which of my networks to share on at what time, and even re-share the post again at times I select. (more…)
  • Hello Ello! The Good, The Odd, The Ugly

    Hello Ello Every time a new social network pops up all of us early adopters have to check it out and Ello is not different. According to Vox, Ello is  seeing 31,000 new users per hour, so it’s the new hot property online. It’s my job to check out new networks for clients after all, or so I justify my obsession… What’s the deal with Ello? Ello was created as a bare-bones social network and since it’s in beta it’s a work in progress. Don’t expect you’re going to dive in and totally get it, and the network itself isn’t full of cues in how to use it, how to find your friends or even ways to engage once you do find them. Never the less, it’s interesting and worth poking around in. If you’re lucky enough to know someone with invites, check it out. Or go buy an invite on Fiverr or Ebay. I did a totally un-scientific poll of my friends and here’s what our initial feedback is. (more…)
  • No More Click-Bait on Facebook – 2 changes to newsfeeds

    be more interestingYou know those posts on Facebook that just gotta be clicked? They’re popularly known as click bait. You click them because you think you’re going to see something amaaazing, but when you get there it’s not what you thought at all and you leave. Facebook’s onto the fact that most of us hate click bait schemes. We’re tired of the shenanigans just to get a  click, and they’re putting their foot down. They’ve just announced two important changes to news feeds and Facebook page managers need to listen up. (more…)
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