10 Ways To Get More Jobs As A Paid Blogger

bloggerSo, you’re a blogger and you want to attract brands to sponsor posts and send you goodies? That’s nice. The thing is, there are a lot of bloggers who want this too and don’t make the cut. We work with hundreds of bloggers in all categories as part of our blogger outreach services  and here is what I can share with you to get you better offers, better products and gosh, to be a better blogger!

The one most important thing for any blogger to think about before they start trying to make money blogging is this:
Blogging for a living is a lot of work. Especially if you are blogging to market products for brands, it requires a ton of hustle. At first–before you build your reputation and your page rank–it’s going to be even harder because you’ll be posting for free or for $10 a post. You’ve got to build a fan base, demonstrate  you can get comments, retweets on Twitter and shares on Facebook. At first, most brands won’t hire you because you haven’t established that following. It’s a vicious circle.

If you want to work for brands you’ve got to hustle
Build up your value in fans and followers who comment on your posts and enter your giveaways. Get your fan base to engage and grow your visits, raise that page rank and grow your Twitter and Facebook followers. All in all brands see it this way. Your blog post reflects on their brand. If your writing is embarrassing they’re not going to hire you. If you have no fan base and you get 1,000 unique visits/month it’s a stretch to give you money because you’re not going to reach anybody.

Write quality content that matters to your target audience and make it worth coming back for
I know a blogger who is the queen of pitching and getting what she wants in return for a blog post and leveraging her social networks. Good for her! But when she writes a post it’s something that both supports the goals of the sponsor and intrigues her readers to share it. She’s got value to both ends of the deal.

On the other end of the spectrum are the brands that just care about numbers in a giveaway
They’ll give you cut and paste posts you don’t have to think about and let you give away a product or a gift card. That’s fine if you can make money at it, just know giveaways are work too and you will lose any jobs that require writing skills or unique content. In this case you really have to show you can generate a large volume of shares, entries, comments and retweet’s to make it worth it for the brand.

Please think about your domain name
“Missy Pumpkin’s Fairy Treasures” may seem cute when you come up with it but you’re going to have to live with it for a long time. Some brands will not associate with you because they deem your domain name silly. Some brands may feel your domain name pigeon holes you into too narrow a niche and they’re just not interested.

Respond quickly
Brands are notorious for posting a call for bloggers to “see who we can find” before they are actually ready to start the campaign. Even so, don’t get jaded. Respond quickly and be there when they need you. They’ll remember that you responded quickly and you’ll find yourself higher on the list and also the next list, and the next. We like to work with responsive people. Life is too short for anything else.

Be the 20%
Do you know the Pareto Principle? Basically it states that 80% of people will do an OK job and just get by. The other 20%? They’re outstanding. They’re the ones we think of for a new campaign and develop relationships with. They’re the ones who will be asked to join new campaigns before we even release the call to the rest of the world. They’re the ones who get the higher paying gigs because we know they’ll come through.

Think before you reply
Every single campaign we have people who respond to the call for bloggers who are completely off-base. It’s a waste of our time and more importantly yours. You look bad, we think you don’t listen, it’s just not good. Are you a good fit? Cool. Tell us. But if you’re just blindly applying for everything that crosses your radar you are wasting a lot of time.

Tell us where you are
Yes, many campaigns are national or even global, but if I do a search to find bloggers in Ohio and you come up? Yeah, you’re ahead of the game.

Show us you actually care
I know I already said this, but think about what the brand needs and respond appropriately. Every time I get a response that shows the person read the requirements and tells me why they’re a good fit I move them to the top of the pile for consideration. If the offer says they’re going to pay $50/post and you come in and say you’d like to do it but you charge $650? You’d better be ready to justify the difference. And that doesn’t mean you have 150,000 followers on Facebook. Do they react to your posts? Can you move them to action? That’s what makes the difference to a brand.

Still want to work with us?
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