7 ways to get real Twitter followers now

get real twitter followersI’m not talking about empty vapid followers, spam bots or spammers here. I’m talking about how to get real, useful and interesting followers who add value to your network and bring other interesting people with them!

1. Survey your existing followers. Who has consistently had good information? Scan their tweets and see who they are having conversations with. Are they interesting to you too? Follow them and start a conversation.

2. Start a regular discussion or a Tweet Chat. Setting up a specific time when you’ll be online and taking about a particular topic gets people used to tuning in to chat with you and creates a cloud of people talking about the same issues. People who follow the chat will follow you (if you add value). Taking the lead on a Tweet Chat session can really bring you interested and engaged followers.

3. Feature your followers. You’ve likely got some people following you who are smart and on top of your industry. Give them the props they deserve. Link to their blogs, re-tweet their news or just tell them how much you appreciate their input and discussions.

4. Do some searches. Find people who regularly talk about things that are interesting to you and follow them. Then find a new discussion topic and include them in it. Ask for their participation in the discussion and let them know you value their input.

5. When you read a good blog post do more than just re-tweet it. Find out if the author has a Twitter username and mention them when you tweet the article out. You might get them to follow you, but even better they may share your Tweet with their network and you’ll get followers who are interested in you!

6. Clean up your act. Make sure your Twitter stream is one that you would be interested in following. If you babble on about personal data you aren’t going to be interesting to people who don’t know you or aren’t fascinated by your daily life. Take a good long look at what you’ve been tweeting and what your goals are for using Twitter. Adjust accordingly.

7. Tweet with a hook. Write your tweets in such a way that people want to respond. Ask questions. Leave open ended statements that they can’t help but want to complete. Add links to information that will be shared over and over to other networks.


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