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Triberr ProfileWhen I first joined Triberr a year or two ago it felt like another automation tool. The other members of the site posted content that didn’t always resonate with me and it seemed like there were a lot of Multi Level Marketers and that really turns me off. So I quit using it.

I was more than a little skeptical when both Shelly Kramer and Steve Farnsworth encouraged me to give it a go again. I went back to the site and poked around a bit. Lo and behold the quality of the content is dramatically improved and includes some of my favorite bloggers as well as a lot of bloggers I didn’t know about and am happy to have discovered. Better yet, Triberr has been banning the MLM marketers, so rather than leads focused content you get real value. Content you’d actually share with your own network and not make your followers feel they are being preyed upon. Good for Triberr and good for us.

How Triberr works
There are lots of tribes about PR, marketing and social media, but there are also tribes about food, wine, travel, real estate, and many more. Each tribe is comprised of people who blog about topics you want to share and who are also interested in what you have to say. The basic idea is to create or join a “Tribe” of like minded individuals and agree to share the posts that add value to you and your social networks. 

Once you join a tribe you add your blog’s RSS feed to the Tribal stream. As a user you view the stream of your tribe to see what people are posting about. If you like the content, you share it to several networks right there. If there is a person in there whose content just doesn’t work for you, you can mute their posts with a click and still see and share posts from the rest of the tribe. You can set posts to go out at intervals so you don’t flood your social networks but spread those great posts over time. I set mine at 15 minutes.

Automatic VS individual shares
I prefer to read my tribal stream regularly and choose posts that are the best of the best. That said, there are some people I know I will consistently share and I set them to automatically share. Some tribes have tons of great posters and the occasional person who goes off topic or posts things I wouldn’t share and I can mute that tribe mate with a click.

The results
As a result of using Triberr actively I’ve seen a dramatic upswing in the number of shares on social sites, mentions on Twitter in particular. This is a screen grab of a recent blog post share with my tribes about the show below from The Friday Hangout.

share posts on TriberrThe post was shared 76 individual times from Triberr and viewed 520 times. Personally I often click on a post, read it and share it from the blog instead of Triberr, so of course those hits aren’t recorded in the stats on who shared the posts, but  because they use Google as a link shortener w see reports like this one. Looking at my analytics on this page overall in 1 week I saw a remarkable 2500 visits to this page. Awesome.

This kind of traffic increase has been repeated on many of my posts. What Triberr does is get the ball rolling and the post out on social networks. After that, if the contnet is good shares  snowball quickly and traffic spikes as a result.

Here’s the video from the post above with the founder of Triberr, Dino Dogan on The Friday Hangout.


Need some how-to’s? Here are some tutorials on Are you a digital marketer? Join or follow my tribe, Digital Media Tribe and see just how well it works!

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