Deciphering Facebook Ad Campaign Reports

Facebook ad managementCreating ads is not what it used to be. There’s so much more we can know about our customers through the analytics and reporting of today’s tools, Facebook’s included. That’s a good thing, but it also means the  Facebook Ad management dashboard can be a tad confusing, so here’s a quick overview of what all of this stuff means!

Page Engagements
When you run promoted posts or ads based on your posts your goal is most likely to get them to interact with it in some way. Facebook determines it as engagement when they like your page or post, share it with their friends, comment or click on a link within the post. If they click that link within 24 hours of the ad being seen or up to 28 days afterwards, Facebook considers that an engagement.

How many times users clicked your ad, but also includes if users viewed the ad and then liked your page, installed your app or signed up for your event.

Link Clicks
This differs from clicks because it’s literally the number of clicks on the link in your ad or on your page.

Click Through Rate (CTR)
The number of unique clicks divided by how many times your ad was displayed.

Campaign Reach
How many unique individuals saw your Facebook ad. If the same person saw the ad 1`0 times, they still show here as 1 unique view.

How many times (on average) did each person see this ad?

Total Spent
Literally the amount of money you spent. Be careful though, these numbers are controlled by the date range selected in the report. If you’ve been running the campaign for more than a week be sure to set the dates to cover the whole time period.

Keeping on top of your Facebook Ads
Facebook ad reportingIt’s easy now to set up Scheduled Reports in Facebook ads. This really helps you keep an eye on your spend and also for those reports your probably need to generate!

Even better, you get deeper reporting this way. You can generate reports by:

  • Advertising Performance
  • Responder Demographics
  • Actions by Impression Time
  • Inline Interactions
  • News feed

You can learn so much more about who is clicking on your ads by setting up a few of these reports, filtering them by both the campaign and by the ad to see what is really working and then fine-tune them to get more value from your ads.

Not feeling like you’re getting enough from your Facebook ads?
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