Website developmentToday’s websites have a lot more demanded of them than ┬áin the old days of “build an online brochure and they will come”. Competition is tough and you need a site that the search engines love, is easy to use and attracts new business through inbound media strategies. Even with that, attracting new visitors to your website doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know who they are and create a connection that results in a sale.

Existing site
If you’ve got an existing website contact us for a free website audit. We’ll tell you how to fine tune your site into a lean mean, business attracting machine! You may not even need a re-design, just a tune up. Ask us how we can add dynamic landing pages and lead generating campaigns with Hubspot.

New site
Building a new site? Fantastic. Start it off right with the tools you need to attract, track and convert real leads. We’ll help define a strategy to deliver your message, attract new prospects and make it easy for them to find the information they need, then contact you to do business.

Free e-book on Website re-design

Conversions to WordPress
Wordpress is the most popular blog platform on the planet. Even if you don’t plan to blog you can still benefit from this amazing tool. Take advantage of it’s search engine capabilities and the easy content management system to make your own website updates without having to hire a coder for every little change. Oh, and don’t worry, just because it’s blogging software doesn’t mean it has to look like a blog.We can convert almost any website into a WordPress site. Ask us for details on converting your site to WordPress

Mobile websites
Everything is mobile today. People a re looking up businesses on the fly on the mobile devices and if your site doesn’t work well on a mobile device they’re just going to move on. We can build a mobile site or convert your existing site to work on mobile.

Tatu Digital Media is a partner with Hubspot an inbound marketing software company. Ask us to show you how Hubspot can increase and track the conversion rate of your website.

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