Google and Facebook Ad ManagementManaging PPC ads seems like a pretty easy thing. You do some keyword research, maybe even long tail keyword research, figure out how much to spend and then let it go right?

Yeah, not really. Pay Per Click takes a lot of hands on management, constant fine-tuning of the ad copy, keywords, networks and target market. If you want to get really focused results, you need someone who gets how it all works together.

Google Adwords
Tatu Digital has been working with Google Adwords since 2006, and as a participant in the Google Engage Program for Agencies we have an opportunity to learn best practices and strategies from a dedicated team at Google and stay on the cutting edge of paid search optimization. We also have access to exclusive tools available only to Google Engage agencies. That gives us an edge to fine tune your campaign and get you more value.

We audit existing accounts or start from scratch with:

  • Conversion to Enhanced Campaigns
  • Keyword Selection
  • Negative Keywords
  • Managed Placements
  • Bid Management
  • Ad Scheduling
  • Ad Group Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Ad Extensions
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Device Targeting

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be leveraged to drive traffic to your Facebook page or your website and can significantly impact visibility of your brand.

The key to optimizing ads on Facebook is creating targeting variations and then fine-tuning constantly to both keep them fresh and refine the messaging to fit the market.

  • Marketplace ads
  • Page post ads
  • Post promotion
  • Object ads
  • Target audience splitting
  • Sponsored stories
  • Ad scheduling
  • Ad rotation
  • Campaign rules
  • Google Analytics integration

Twitter Ads

  • Twitter ads have become quite powerful. You can now focus by:
  • Geographic region
  • Interests and gender
  • Keywords in tweets
  • Mobile or desktop devices
  • Similarity to followers
  • Promote posts, tweets or even trends

All of this allows you to target your market more carefully, and get back real-time analytics to track your progress. Running ads on Twitter still takes a bit of fine tuning, but we can help you get the most possible from your campaigns, and you pay only when people engage with your tweets.

Let us help you succeed with managed PPC 
Tatu Digital is here to help you succeed in growing brand visibility, reach your target market, and draw revenue. We work with each account individually. No cookie cutter approach. Your success is our success!

Contact Janet Fouts today to learn more about Tatu Digital Media’s Ads management services.

Phone: 408.216.7423  Twitter @jfouts or email us through the form below:

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