Is Pinterest working for you? 6 ways to find out

Pinterest Stats via  RePinly

Everybody’s talking about how wildly successful Pinterest is, what a great traffic driver it is and how you can use Pinterest to promote your products and your website.

According to Venture Beat, Sephora’s Pinterest followers spend 15 more times on the site than they do on Facebook! That’s great, but how do you measure your success on Pinterest, and how do you see which pins are really working for you? Below are a few options for Pinterest Analytics.

Pinterest’s analytics

If you upgrade to a business profile on Pinterest you can use their analytics. All you need to do is verify your website and then you’ll have analytics adde3d to your drop down menu for settings in the top right corner of your Pinterest home page.Here’s a video from Pinterest on how that works.

Pinterest Web Analytics Walk through from Pinterest on Vimeo.


Sort of a Klout for Pinterest, this site offers a very good look at your analytics including the number of followers, pins, repins and likes on your bards, scores for activity, virality and reach. It even recommends ways to improve your scoring. Tip: replace your username in the URL with your competitors’ to see how they rank against you.They also offer “pin perks”, special offers to pinterest users with great “Pinfluence”.


Reachli (formerly Pinerly) actually gives you some pretty deep stats on other networks as well, and allows you to post to these networks and get statistics back on reach etc. You can start campaigns though Reachli and post new content, get suggested content to share with it, and even start a ad campaign on social sites and blogs.


Pinalyzer gives you analytics and influence scoring too and it has a built in tool called “Smart Suggest” that helps you find new pins based on your social graph, as well as showing you the most popular pins on Pinalyzer so you can share them with your followers too. Their analytics start when you log in, so it helps to build a little history with the app to get good metrics. They also have a fun “Pin Quiz” to help you find people to follow based on what interests you.


Repinly is the most fun of these sites. They really got it right focusing on recommendations so you can make your boards richer and more interesting. Yes they do ranking and analytics, but they also have a great recommendation engine. RePins are recommended based on the keywords you enter and your profile and you can easily repin, follow the user or visit the source of the item. It also gives you a TON of stats on the most popular boards and categories.


This is a good alternative for a larger brand that can pay for technology.The image recognition algorithms and big data analytics can identify what images are being pinned from your website and your pinterest profile and show you a deeper view of what is being pinned and what people are saying about your brand. They also offer a Pinterest promotions engine to run contests on Pinterest.



  1. Victoria M. Johnson says:

    I’ve been wondering about Pinterest’s impact. Great info. Thanks!

  2. sarah browne says:

    Thank you for this! The visual revolution and image economy is triggering so many new resources. Beyond analytics, Pinterest is also a great qualitative research tool. We’ve been using it both as a way to recruit, and also as ‘homework’ before the actual ethno.

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