• Drop in Instagram followers? It’s a good thing. Really

    People are reporting some fairly significant drops in their Instagram followers over the last few weeks. Stop freaking out. It’s not just you, it’s across the board. I used the popular statistics program Iconosquare.com to check my own stats and here are the results. I gained 131 followers in the last 7 days and lost 111. Not so bad. Screenshot 2014-12-18 13.47.27 Are people upset?  Sure. Brands are upset and people who care about numbers over engagement are upset. Mase is really upset, he lost 1.5 million followers! In fact he got so upset he deleted his  account. Lots of people are worried that they’re suddenly boring and un-popular. That’s not it. (more…)
  • Buffer’s New Scheduler Tool

    Buffer SchedulingAs if Buffer wasn’t already an incredibly awesome tool in our social media management arsenal, it just made itself even more essential. Now when you open the Buffer app in your browser you’ll see two tabs at the top of the page. “Simple Composer” and “New Scheduler”. Simple Composer is the old version you’ve already been used to, you can quickly add a post to your buffer queue and it will go off at it’s scheduled time with the same text to any accounts you choose. The New Scheduler tab  allows you to share and re-share particular posts across your social networks at a time of your choosing. New Scheduler is going to be a game-changer. As you can see from the screenshot above, for each post I can choose which of my networks to share on at what time, and even re-share the post again at times I select. (more…)
  • Hello Ello! The Good, The Odd, The Ugly

    Hello Ello Every time a new social network pops up all of us early adopters have to check it out and Ello is not different. According to Vox, Ello is  seeing 31,000 new users per hour, so it’s the new hot property online. It’s my job to check out new networks for clients after all, or so I justify my obsession… What’s the deal with Ello? Ello was created as a bare-bones social network and since it’s in beta it’s a work in progress. Don’t expect you’re going to dive in and totally get it, and the network itself isn’t full of cues in how to use it, how to find your friends or even ways to engage once you do find them. Never the less, it’s interesting and worth poking around in. If you’re lucky enough to know someone with invites, check it out. Or go buy an invite on Fiverr or Ebay. I did a totally un-scientific poll of my friends and here’s what our initial feedback is. (more…)
  • No More Click-Bait on Facebook – 2 changes to newsfeeds

    be more interestingYou know those posts on Facebook that just gotta be clicked? They’re popularly known as click bait. You click them because you think you’re going to see something amaaazing, but when you get there it’s not what you thought at all and you leave. Facebook’s onto the fact that most of us hate click bait schemes. We’re tired of the shenanigans just to get a  click, and they’re putting their foot down. They’ve just announced two important changes to news feeds and Facebook page managers need to listen up. (more…)
  • You Can’t Make Us Like You Anymore

    be more interesting For quite a long time it’s been common for Facebook business pages to force users to “like” their fan page before gaining access to certain content, enter contests, etc. This was known as “likegating” and Facebook doesn’t like it anymore. The social network has announced they will no longer allow pages and apps to likegate or to force users to invite friends to like within an app, or tag their friends in a photo they aren’t actually in. Instead they encourage proper use. (more…)
  • Updated Facebook Page App Released

    facebook-pages-app-screenshots In case you haven’t seen it yet, Facebook just released  the 4.0 version of their Pages App and it’s pretty cool. Switching between multiple pages you manage is much easier and managing page activity and seeing insights for the pages is a breeze. The look and feel is clean and easy to understand. To access your pages just tap the menu bar in the upper right hand corner and you’ll see  a list of the pages you manage. Once on that page you can easily create a post or event and upload photos and video right from your phone. Across the bottom of the screen are a series of icons. Left to right they are:View the page itself :: Activity :: Create post (this is always highlighted for some reason) :: Insights and then the “More” button which shows photos, events and settings. One of the coolest features is under settings where you can turn on and off push notifications for your page as well as update the page info, edit roles, view the activity log and send invitations to the page. Finally you can edit posts from your mobile device! This is huge for catching typos or simple errors rather than having to rush to a desktop (hey, we all make mistakes!).  Go to any post and tap the v in the upper right corner just as you do on the desktop and voila! you can edit. Sweet. If you haven’t used the pages app because the old one was so clunky, go get the app now from the  Apple App or Google Play stores.
  • 9 Examples of the New Linkedin Headers

    LinkedIn announced some new ways to spiff up your premium user profile today. These changes will be rolling out over time, and I shared some examples  below. If you’d like to get your own upgraded profile you can apply here, and if you are a premium user of the platform you should see your upgrade rolling out very soon. So, what’s new? 
    • The most obvious is the new layout with a large header image, or as Linkedin calls it, a custom background, profile images are bigger
    • More subtle, but especially important for maintaining your personal brand are the keyword recommendations to help you optimize your profile to get found in searches
    • Premium profiles will show up LARGER in search results when someone searches LinkedIn for a keyword
    • You’ll now have the ability to mark your profile as “open” allowing people to see your whole profile and contact you directly for free (Is this a good thing? Let me know in the comments)
    • Analytics on who viewed your profile will now go back 90 days and give you quite a bit of information
    • See how your rank against  against 100 of your first-degree connections and company
  • Will You Buy on Amazon With a Tweet?

    Amazon Cart on TwitterAmazon just launched #AmazonCart, a new way to buy products through Twitter. Simply connect your Twitter and Amazon accounts and when you see a product link on Amazon in a tweet click reply and tag it #AmazonCart. The product will be automatically saved to your shopping cart on Amazon, ready to check out. Oooh, #Socialretail sounds great doesn’t it? Finding products will be easy as  a search for #AmazonCart on Twitter shows. Are we ready for Twitter shopping? According to Mark Avnet in this Digiday post, consumers aren’t in a buying mindset when they’re on Twitter, but I don’t agree. I shop all the time after perusing Twitter for reviews and comments from my friends. Don’t you? Replying to a link to drop it in my cart is pretty slick.Amazon’s pushing it pretty hard on Twitter and this tweet on their account, offering a chance to win $200 on an Amazon Gift Card had 3500 retweets and 267 favorites at last count. Looks like interest to me. Mack Collier points out this could be a boon for authors. Tweet a link to your book and ask your fans to rt. Even more interesting he says if you reply with a tweet to an ebook Amazon will email you a sample from the ebook.Lots of authors are already trying it, including the Zombie Research Society:   Savvy Amazon affiliates are already all over this. We are seeing affiliate links embedded within tweets immediately and why not? If you believe in the product and you have influence on Twitter you could do pretty well with this. I do wonder what the FCC will have to say about that… I also wonder what you think about the absolute gold mine of data this has already provided to marketers and sales teams. Soon it will be much easier to find people who like your products enough to buy them with a quick search on Twitter. Here’s a video introduction to Amazon Cart. Tell us what you think!
  • Setting up Your New Twitter Profile

    New Twitter Layout The first thing you notice about the new Twitter profiles is the full-width header image across the top. Oooh, all that lovely marketing space! Please try to refrain from making it an ad banner. Instead make it something that represents who YOU are and what you or your brand stand for. This may take a little work as the size varies from device to device. So as the image scales to fit the device, and on mobile phones your avatar moves to the center of the screen. Just be thoughtful about text size and placement of your content for most layouts. The default size for the header is 1500 Px by 500. The new avatar is a bit bigger too. a 200X200 pixel image should do nicely. Now let’s look at some more features on the new Twitter profiles. Follow the numbers above. 1. Instead of just viewing tweets on a profile you’ll be able to see “Tweets and Replies”. This allows you to get a much better picture of how someone communicates. Do they respond to requests for information? Are they constantly chatting with their friends? Look at some top brands like @VirginAir and see if they mention or respond to others by clicking the Tweets and replies links. I expect there will be more filtering options in this area as time progresses. 2. Pinned Tweets. This is potentially powerful. Let’s say for example, that you’ve just posted something you really want discussion on but then you’ve got a Twitter chat. Rather than having the chat discussion covering up that important tweet you can just pin the important tweet to the top of your profile. This could be a tweet of the day feature, or to highlight partner’s content. Don’t forget to change it though! To pin a tweet go to the “more” link under the tweet and select “Pin to your profile page”. Pinned Tweets   3. I like this part a lot. Popular posts, meaning the ones that have been retweeted, favorited or replied to get larger text on your profile page. This allows a user to quickly scan the posts that are most important to your followers. You too should be looking at this to see which content worked for you and which didn’t. 4.Speaking of which content people liked, you can see how many retweets and favorites a post has. Click on the number and you can see who favorited and retweeted and investigate further. Find out who they are and start a conversation. 5. Last but not least, you can now edit your profile from the front page. No more digging through settings to change your design. That’s pretty much it. Overall I like the changes, Some people complain it’s very Facebook like, but I just think it’s prettier. How about you?  
  • 6 Broadcast Email Mistakes You May Be Making

    email newsletterWe’ve all gotten emails and thought to ourselves “What were they thinking?”.Here are a few of the most annoying mistakes and how to fix them. If you’ve got your own to share please share in the comments!
    Tweet: Please. Stop making these 6 email mistakes!
    Emailing your newsletter to your connections on LinkedIn Why not? Well, in the first place if I wanted your newsletter I’d sign up for it. In the second place it’s highly likely that the content you just sent me isn’t relevant to every single connection so you’ve just told us you don’t care if it’s relevant. What to do differently Send only information that will be relevant to your contacts. Pick a few contacts each week who will find your information worthwhile and send them a link to that information with a personal message. Generic “personal” messages It’s all the vogue now to send emails that really seem they’re from a real person. I.E. “Hey Janet, I know you’ve been thinking about attending this conference, here are 3 reasons you should come!” That’s all well and good until it’s immediately a sales pitch, isn’t something I have ever expressed interest in, or worse yet, I see a generic close “We know some of you have mentioned…” What to do differently These personal sounding emails do work, but be careful to read the message to be sure there are no red flags letting people know it’s a broadcast. Follow thorough with the promise of personal interaction. Lack of segmentation Sending emails to all of your subscribers only works if you hit everyone’s interests. Unless you got them to sign up based on the same topics each time it’s unlikely you will appeal to everyone every single time. What to do differently Create segmented email lists around the topics you plan to talk about and then send targeted emails to recipients likely to actually care. Dear {insert name} How many times have you gotten one of these? Most of the time it’s because you don’t even see the personalization field or you copied a template from one mail delivery service to another and they don’t use the same code. It’s a small detail but it really makes you look like an amateur. What to do differently Send yourself a test message and really review it before you hit send to your subscribers. Boring content If you don’t catch readers in the first sentence you’ve lost us. Then if you top that off with a sell, sell sell, we’re gonna delete the email un-read. What to do differently Make your headings catchy and interesting. Most of us scan the email for something that grabs our interest, then read further. Be interesting and engage readers. Post relevant and useful content. Over formatting Yeah, we know you spend a lot of time thinking about how to format your beautiful newsletter, agonizing over the header and the layout, but if it’s broken and twisted into an un-formatted mess when I get it I’m going to laugh (or cry) and hit delete. What to do differently Look at your template in multiple email browsers and on mobile devices. Look at it with images turned off. Come up with something that is easily viewable in all formats. Bottom line It all comes down to this. Test, check the copy, read it aloud, then email it to yourself and test again. You may only get one chance with your readers, so put your best foot forward and be interesting!

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