Setting up Your New Twitter Profile

New Twitter Layout

The first thing you notice about the new Twitter profiles is the full-width header image across the top. Oooh, all that lovely marketing space! Please try to refrain from making it an ad banner. Instead make it something that represents who YOU are and what you or your brand stand for. This may take a little work as the size varies from device to device. So as the image scales to fit the device, and on mobile phones your avatar moves to the center of the screen. Just be thoughtful about text size and placement of your content for most layouts. The default size for the header is 1500 Px by 500. The new avatar is a bit bigger too. a 200X200 pixel image should do nicely.

Now let’s look at some more features on the new Twitter profiles. Follow the numbers above.

1. Instead of just viewing tweets on a profile you’ll be able to see “Tweets and Replies”. This allows you to get a much better picture of how someone communicates. Do they respond to requests for information? Are they constantly chatting with their friends? Look at some top brands like @VirginAir and see if they mention or respond to others by clicking the Tweets and replies links. I expect there will be more filtering options in this area as time progresses.

2. Pinned Tweets. This is potentially powerful. Let’s say for example, that you’ve just posted something you really want discussion on but then you’ve got a Twitter chat. Rather than having the chat discussion covering up that important tweet you can just pin the important tweet to the top of your profile. This could be a tweet of the day feature, or to highlight partner’s content. Don’t forget to change it though! To pin a tweet go to the “more” link under the tweet and select “Pin to your profile page”.

Pinned Tweets


3. I like this part a lot. Popular posts, meaning the ones that have been retweeted, favorited or replied to get larger text on your profile page. This allows a user to quickly scan the posts that are most important to your followers. You too should be looking at this to see which content worked for you and which didn’t.

4.Speaking of which content people liked, you can see how many retweets and favorites a post has. Click on the number and you can see who favorited and retweeted and investigate further. Find out who they are and start a conversation.

5. Last but not least, you can now edit your profile from the front page. No more digging through settings to change your design.

That’s pretty much it. Overall I like the changes, Some people complain it’s very Facebook like, but I just think it’s prettier. How about you?



  1. Carrie Owens says:

    Yes, I like my new Twitter profile! Thanks for the review and tips.

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