What are your plans for social media engagement? Do you have an overall strategy? Have you started a Facebook page, a blog, a You Tube channel and a Twitter account and now you’re stuck? We can help. Here’s the short list of what we can do. we can create a custom plan to suit your needs.

Corporate social media policy
The rules of the road are changing and you want to make sure your staff knows what is expected of them and how to engage effectively and efficiently online. Let us use our experience to craft a strategy that keeps your team working efficiently and avoids PR disasters.

Social media dashboard
A solid corporate social media strategy goes hand in hand with a dashboard to empower your staff with the tools and information they need to get the job done. We’ll create a space where staff can find the messaging, content and answers they need to effectively communicate your message.

Virtual Administration
You can delegate a lot of work around your social media program.
Let us take that load off and leave the engagement and closing the sales to you. Any or all of the services below can be taken off your plate so you can focus on more important things. Like deepening relationships and closing sales.

Channel development and management
If you build it they will come is only true in the movies. In the social media age you’ve got to reach out and talk to people. Engage them on their own turf and give them a reason to visit you on yours. We can help with listening tools and reporting, blogger and podcaster outreach, influencer engagement.

Presence management
Which networks should you participate on and how much? We look at your goals resources and corporate culture and map the networks and tools to suit your needs. We can create and populate profiles, edit existing content to suit the platform and delivery method and implementation. All this sets you up to take the stage and build the relationships that will reach your goals.

White Label Social Media Training
You’ve got a blog, a forum, a Twitter account some social bookmarking accounts and a Facebook page. But do you and your staff know how to use the tools effectively and efficiently? When someone new comes on board do you have to train them on how to use the tools all over again? We can help. We’ve got a suite of step by step video tutorials and documents that teach everything from the basics to standard practices all ready to roll. We can assemble a package that covers your most important networks or custom tutorials, webinars or in-house training specific to your needs.

See? In-house training at a fraction of what it costs to send staff to boot camp, and they can review them any time they need a refresher.

Wordpress is our blogging platform of choice and we know it’s capabilities very well. When you need custom implementation, WordPress maintenance or just a blog installed and plug-ins configured we can help.

Content development
Whether you need custom content or re-purpose existing work to suit the medium, let us take the load off your hands.

  • Facebook apps
  • Facebook and Twitter profiles
  • Video editing and distribution
  • eBook creation
  • Blogs and video blogs
  • Copy editing for web delivery
  • Email campaigns


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