Twitter has officially taken over the universe. In my previous post I talked about why, and how it can be useful to you and your business.

As with everything web, tools are popping up all over to help you make Twitter more productive and interesting.

Twitter stats

Tells you what your stats are. How much you post and relative to whom. You might be surprised what words you use the most and who’s the most active in your circle.


tweetcloudTweet Clouds

Want to know what you favorite Tweeter is talking about the most? Tweet Cloud pulls all the words out of a user’s archive and organizes them in a tag cloud. Try yours and see if your messaging is as on target as you think it is.



Search Twitter by keyword, not just posts, but bios too, so you can find th people who are talking about your subject or work in that space.



Quickly scan tag clouds of the most recent discussions



Allows you to set ups your tweets to be sent when you want them to. Planning a product launch but might be on a plane at the crucial moment? Problem solved.



Get a map view of your twitterlicious world


Email Twitter

Send your tweets by email and skip the SMS charges.



A nice mashup that shows you the top 100 followed, posters, favorites etc, or type in a name or location and find people who are tweeting.



When an event is being tweeted by a group, it’s a great idea to pull all the archives together so that participants and others can view the tweets and gain as much value as possible. When Mzinga and Prospero merged their companies they used Twitter for the Q and A sessions on the merger. The South by Southwest conference (SWSX) was widely covered by Twitterati.

Hashtags is an opt-in service. You must follow @hashtags for the service to index your tweets.

grouptweetGroup Tweet

Allows you to send private messages to a group of friends, rather than just one.

Now you can spam all of your friends at once! No, really. It’s useful if you have a work group or team using Twitter to communicate and you don’t necessarily want the whole world to read the post. Maybe a replacement for other IM clients?


Twitter Clients – 3 of our favs.



Twhirl lets you keep a stream of your timeline in a pop-up window and tweet to your heart’s content. One of it’s best feature IMHO is that it allows you to reply, direct message or re-tweet someone’s post with one click.



A Mac client very much like Twhirl, but less prone to crashing.



A windows client for twittering the day away.


Twitter Firefox Add-ons



A Firefox Add-on that allows you to post and see posts in your browser window.


Power Twitter

Photo and Video sharing with embedded youtube or flickr

tinyurls are unwound so you know where they link to before you click the

Additional user information is mapped to twitter users flickr accounts, blog posts, links etc


Twitter Bar

Let’s you post to Twitter right from your address bar



Post your favorite tunes to Twitter, or send links to favorite videos, websites




WordPress and blog tools for Twitter



Will scan your blog at specified times and post the blog to Twittering


Twitter tools

A sweet WordPress plug-in. Archive or digest your tweets on your blog, post to twitter from your sidebar


twithisTwit this

Make it easy for people to tweet your posts


Twitter Sidebar Widget

Update your blog with your Twitter brilliance in an easily customizable format.

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