Twitter killed Tweetdeck, now what are you gonna do?

tweetbotI wasn’t happy to see Tweetdeck’s Air app discontinued. It’s been the go-to Twitter client I recommend to our clients since the app launched. Easy to use and lightweight, pretty much anybody could master it in a few minutes, and with a few minutes more they could add on some spiffy bells and whistles and rock the Twitterverse.

Alas, Twitter acquired TweetDeck for $40 Million, and now they’ve killed it on the iPhone and Android as well as their popular desktop app. They say they’ll be working on a browser based app and may follow it with native Mac and Windows apps. They are discontinuing Facebook integration altogether as well. So what to do?

Honestly I use Hootsuite and SproutSocial in the browser, but since I had to go look at alternative desktop apps for my clients I thought I’d start with my favorite Twitter app on my phone, Tweetbot.

If you’re Mac user, you should take a look at the Tweetbot IOS Twitter app. If you’re PC user, read this post from PC Magazine with some good PC alternatives.

Tweetbot IOS app Features:

  • Multiple accounts within the app
  • Sync via iCloud
  • Multiple Column Views
  • Use Lists as Timelines
  • Save drafts of your tweets
  • View trends locally and worldwide
  • Create, edit and manage lists
  • Inline media preview
  • Mute users, hashtags, clients, keywords and RT’s
  • Choose Quote formats (RT, Via @username, RT w comment)
  • View profile in Favstar

The only thing that would make Tweetbot better is the scheduling I get with the Hootsuite app. On the iPhone, Tweetbot simply rocks! Now cross platform wise I’m really excited about Banjo for my personal use. More about that in a post soon!


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