hubspot-logoWhy align with Hubspot? It’s a no brainier really. We became Hubspot partners in order to extend the inbound marketing services we offer to our clients. Hubspot truly gets the connection between the value of relationship building through inbound marketing to generate leads for business. Hubspot tools follow through with a system of landing pages and lead capture tools that helps you connect with those leads. It’s all about creating relationships that lead to clients who not only need what you have, they want it.

We leverage Hubspot’s technology with landing pages that capture leads and move them into a lead nurturing campaign and transform a basic website visitor into an engaged prospect. It’s all about supplying the information clients need to make an informed decision to work with you.

Hubspot offers a range of services we can use to accelerate your inbound marketing strategy. Below are just a few options. Got a questions? Just ask, we’re happy to help find the right solutions for you.

Content Management System
If you’ve struggled to get web pages updated because your staff or your webmaster “just can’t get to it” then you’ll love the Hubspot system. You can create content quickly and easily and take advantage of Hubspot’s build in search engine optimization tools, build calls to action and place them anywhere you want on the site. If you decide to move your website into the Hubspot CMS they’ll even use URL mapping to re-direct old URL’s to the new site so you don’t lose traffic.

(Note; It is not required to use Hubspot’s CMS for your entire website to take advantage of their services.)

Calls to Action
Within Hubspot you can create a call to action button or graphic, or create several and let Hubspot serve them up randomly to do real A B testing to find the best performer. Evaluate which styles work best for your target market.

Landing Pages
A good landing page can help change a site visitor into a lead and then we use Hubspot’s lead nurturing program to track that lead and deliver the information they need to decide to do business with you.

Custom Lead Tracking
You don’t have to rely on a default set of parameters to decide on the quality of the leads in Hubspot, oh no, you tell us what’s important to you and we set it up to evaluate leads for you. Hubspot will also alert you when those leads come back.

Lead nurturing
When a lead responds to a call to action or fills out a form on your site you can move them into a sophisticated lead nurturing campaign. send leads emails related to what they are looking for to educate and help them make informed decisions about working with you.

Whether you host with Hubspot or not, the tracking is outstanding. See who is frequently visiting your page and how they got there, then see how often they come back and what they are interested in. Did they submit a form? What are they interested in?

Social Media Management
Hubspot’s social media management platform enables you to build your social media presence and publish directly from the tool. Set up filters to monitor your brand online and news and information you can share with your social networks. Of course you’ll

Hubspot integrates with SalesForce, including passing custom fields to the SalesForce CRM and you can used closed loop analytics to see which leads have converted or been “closed” through the Hubspot sources analytics application.

The team at Tatu Digital is here to support you. We can manage as much or as little of your Hubspot account as you like. In addition Hubspot has amazing support and information online to help you fine tune your account.

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