Why work with Tatu Digital Media?

how will your website be different?

How will your website stand out from 346,004,403 others?

If what you’re looking for is a cheap website exactly like your competitors, looks great and never needs to be updated again, you’ve come to the wrong place. Go do a Google search for cheap websites or buy a template and be done with it. Good luck with getting found by your market too. Really. We wish you the best of luck with that.

We haven’t been a successful online marketing firm for over 15 years because we do cookie cutter brochure-ware websites. These days, having a website alone isn’t enough. * There are over  346,004,403 websites online. How are you going to stand out from that crowd and get found?

You need a strategy to even get noticed, much less attract prospects and nurture them to become buyers. We’re an online marketing agency, so we can offer you a one-stop shop for what you really need.

We read dozens of RSS feeds, attend webinars and training sessions and stay on top of our industry on a daily basis. Not just to bring you the latest coolest web technology but to sort the grain from the chaff so you don’t have to.

  • We learn the latest techniques in inbound marketing, lead generation and lead nurturing through our partnership with Hubspot.
  • Our CEO, Janet Fouts, is a leader in the field of social media marketing. She trains companies and individuals around the world to use social media effectively and efficiently for the businesses.
  • We are a Google Engage agency. This allows us to learn about search engine optimization and adwords management at the source and offer our clients exceptional deals and insight.
  • The founders of Tatu Digital Media make it our mission to learn about new technologies and adapt the resources of our clients to keep their marketing campaigns running smoothly.
  • Our social media strategists work with your team to get the most out of social media as a part of your inbound marketing strategy.
  • We can build a new site or re-design an existing site to incorporate these technologies and stay competitively priced in the market.
  • As a Hubspot partner we can leverage their suite of inbound marketing tools to attract leads, then nurture them to become actively engaged prospects and customers.
  • Once we build it we don’t have to walk away and leave you wondering how to keep it all up. (Unless you’d rather do it yourself). We can help drive traffic and keep your website WordPress site updated, and even manage your social media presence to keep those leads coming in!

Now, being on the leading edge doesn’t always mean you have to be re-tooling your website with the latest bleeding edge bells and whistles. What it does mean is taking your existing site and making the most of it with a solid marketing strategy behind it. And that, in a nutshell, is what sets us apart from the vast majority of our competitors. When you go with Tatu Digital Media you are getting the combined experience of our team to address your goals and resources. Your success is our success.

Our group has been researching the internet’s impact on B2B selling. In the process we have learned that 99.9% of the “internet experts” are completely out of line with the goals and strategies of online business development… With the exception of Janet. She is way ahead of the curve and guides me at a strategic level as well as delivering practical affordable business solutions, which is why I would prefer you DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH JANET so she continues to have time for my constant emails and arguments. Brock Butler CEO and Founder MoreDemand LLC

Thinking about a new website or a website re-design? Download our free e-book “6 Steps to a Smarter Website Redesign”.

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*Stat from Howmanyarethere.com

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