Did you really let this guy run your social media campaign?Not everyone who has a Twitter account and a Facebook page is qualified to create your social media marketing strategy.

It takes a combination of just the right amount of geekiness to be on top of the latest technologies and the marketing and business sense to know what is going to work for YOU, in your specific situation.

Tatu Digital Media has been at the leading edge of online marketing for over 15 years. We know the ropes, and we can guide you to the right strategies and tools to reach your goals.

Once we’ve got your strategy lined up we’re here with a long list of skills to make it successful

From Facebook pages and Twitter profiles to blogs and web sites, we have designers and coders who can make it all happen.

Monitoring and reporting
When you need to keep an eye on your brand, measure the success of your campaign we can help get the data you need.

F or you, your staff or even your customers with in-house corporate training, or webinars and step by step tutorials

White label training tools
Tutorials and e-books are available for you to put your brand on for your corporate training initiatives.

Every strategy needs to be tuned as it evolves. We can help with the nuances

Moderation and support
Need a social media assistant to do the heavy lifting? We can take the drudgery out of social media and let you do the important part, the engaging.

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